CORVALLIS ARTS WALK • September 20, 2018


The Arts Center • 700 SW Madison Ave • 4pm-8pm

CORPUS - Goodworth Playa Study 11 - Hester Coucke.jpg


The multi-site exhibition "Corpus" straddles boundaries between art and science and the human body and the body of the earth. Stemming from their residencies at Playa Summer Lake, Jay Noller and Craig Goodworth’s installation in the Main Gallery includes an altered log, piano, soil, rope and video documentation. They’ve used these same elements in a companion land-based artwork at Old Cox Butte Cemetery.

Jenny_Armitage_ArtInTheValleyGallery - Jana Johnson.jpg

Art in the Valley Gallery• 209 SW 2nd St. •  4-8pm

Postcards From Spain

Jenny Armitage was born in 1962 to an artistic couple. She rebelled by going to law school. In her 40's she conformed by teaching herself to sculpt and then to draw and paint. She is a member of the Watercolor society of Oregon where she has received several awards for her paintings. She is a signature member of the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. Her watercolors hang at Art in the Valley in Corvallis and occasional art fairs. No one hangs her briefs anywhere.

Brittney West Studio/Plant Posse • 340 SW 2nd St. Studio #3 • 4-8pm

New plant-inspired art & jewelry

Plant-inspired PLANT POSSE jewelry & art! Original painting, prints and needle-points focusing on the plant kingdom. Earrings & necklaces hand-sculpted & painted in the likes of avocados, broccoli, bananas, watermelon, fungi & much more!

Clay Lohmann US By Clay Lohmann CEI ArtWorks Gallery Evite - Bruce Burris.jpg

CEI ArtWorks Gallery • 408 SW Monroe St. • 4-8pm

Clay Lohmann: US

Clay Lohmann responds to gun violence. This exhibit is a call to repeal the Second Amendment.

mushone - Susan Stogsdill.JPG

Cyrano's Bookbinding • 361 SW 2nd & Adams. • 4-8pm

Magical Mushrooms

A short series of Magical Mushroom illustrations by Susan Stogsdill

OSU Fairbanks Gallery of Art • 220 SW 26th St • 4-8pm 

Lee_Ann_Garrison_Fairbanks - Andrew Nigon.jpg

Littoral Patterns

Paintings by Lee Ann Garrison and Jay Noller

sharon_rackham_king_the_hold - Sharon King.jpg

The Hold • 425 SW 4th St., Suite E-2 • 4-8pm

Inspiration: Marys Peak

7 ARTscend artists show ceramics, glass, acrylic, watercolor and photography inspired by a guided field trip to Marys Peak. Sharon Rackham King and Holly Campbell show at heir own work as well as hosting fellow CAW Artist James Webb, plus Joan Linse, Isabel Prusinski, Faye Cummins, and Kelly DeHaan. 15% of sales are donated to The Marys Peak Alliance, guardians of our local, unique, sacred mountain.

You Amaze Me 300 - Rani Primmer.jpg

Jagged Touch Studio • 340 SW 2nd St. Studio #11  • 4-8PM

Words Matter

Our thoughts shape our story. They are the words that frame the chapters of our lives. They set the landscape for the space we live in. Will we choose to walk in the valleys of fear, judgment, self-doubt and comparison as we tell ourselves we need fixed so therefore we are broken, or we aren’t whole because we aren’t perfect? Or will we choose to walk the high roads, accepting ourselves with words of kindness, love and encouragement? A place where “I am enough” are the words scrawled on the horizon as the sun rises and sets. Where we are whole just as we are. The story we write can be one of seeking understanding of our whys beneath our actions. It can be about discovering the beauty that lies in the uniqueness of who we are. The story is in the words we choose to tell ourselves… words matter! This month artist Rani Primmer will focus on words and the crafting of messages that can serve us well as we travel forth on our unique journeys in life.

IMG_0116 - Jeff Hess.jpg

Jeff Hess Studio • 460 SW Madison Ave, Suite 16• 5-8PM

Artist's Dilema

No idea what I'll have to show this month. Maybe a new organic sculpture? Maybe water painting? Maybe a dance party?

Karen_Wysopal_KarenWysopalStudio - Karen Wysopal (1).jpg

Karen Wysopal Studio • 230 SW 3rd. St. #310 • 4-8PM

Cutting Loose with Color

This summer I continued my work on alcohol ink tile painting while also putting myself through self-designed “acrylic boot camp”. My goal is to bring more color that really wows me into my own paintings by analyzing color and technique in the works of my favorite contemporary acrylic artists. Along the way, one unexpected outcome has been that my take on color theory has completely transformed, and anything seems possible! Come see the results of this ongoing process. Lots of small works in acrylics and alcohol ink for sale, works in progress, and a surprise or two in large format.

The Majestic Theatre • 115 SW 2nd St. • 4-8PM

ARTscend Marys Peak

40 local artists ascended the most sacred mountain of the Kalapuya – Marys Peak – on June 21, 2018, led by interpretive guides of the Marys Peak Alliance. The resulting artwork inspired by the physical beauty, the unique ecological communities and the strong cultural importance of this local mountain is being shown at 6 Corvallis galleries for the September Corvallis Art Walk.

Peak Sports • 207 NW 2nd St • 4-8PM

jessie - Sam Bucks.jpeg

Jessie Crawford

My name is Jessie Crawford, a college student and native to Corvallis, Oregon. I’m studying marine biology and have a fascination for the natural world. I am also and artist and have been drawing and painting what interests me for my entire life. Now that I have been going deeper into the world of science, it seems fitting to mix it into my art. With a love of the Pacific Northwest, my style is that of scientific illustrations and classic tattoo art, always on wood.

kathy_jederlinich_pegasus (1) - Paige Shumway.jpg

Pegasus Gallery • 341 SW 2nd St • 4-8PM

A Mary's Peak Alliance Project Exhibit

ArtScend is a new program to inspire artists to appreciate the ecological, physical, cultural and aesthetic values of Mary's Peak and to produce artwork. Up to 75 artists are invited to participate in a day-long field trip, and create artworks to be shared by the public throughout September. The project is sponsored by the Mary’s Peak Alliance of AFRANA, and the Mary’s Peak Group of the Sierra Club.

MatthewNelsonPopsArtStudio - Matthew Nelson.jpg

Pops Art Studio • 425 SW Madison Ave • 4-8PM

A Prophetic Vision for Social Justice

Art has been used to bring joy, comfort, pleasure and wonder to people around the world. Yet, art has also been used to record history, challenge awareness, cultivate vision and act as a catalyst for change. Septembers show at PopsArtStudio is series of paintings, collages and prints created through a social justice lens meant to raise critical awareness, build a more empathetic community and promote individual and societal change through images that confront, challenge and cry for response.response. 

Reynolds Gallery@Reynolds Law Firm • 225 SW 4th St • 5:30-8PM

wavefolder_18 (1) - Dana Reason.jpg

Weeping Whole

"Though born of a wide array of circumstances and in possession of their own stories, the works in this exhibition collectively stand to expose, synthesize from, distort, and combat erosions of self-determination as perpetrated by chronic mental illness. My work as a whole is driven by a need to reclaim or fabricate control, but it is also heavily shaped by an advocacy for normalization. An estimated 450 million people worldwide are afflicted with psychological disorders, yet most have little or no care to speak of and are often subjected to misunderstanding and myth upon outing themselves.” -Johnny Beaver

Studio 2 O 4 - Crees Bldg • 230 SW 3rd St #204 • 4-8PM

Jessica_Billey_Studio204 - Jessica Billey.jpg

Solitary Rituals

Studio 2 O 4: Jessica Billey is conducting a long-term portrait project of People Who Live Alone that explores the unique experience of living alone through field study-style pencil drawing portraits, gathered stories, and shared conversations. Participants are invited to share their likes, dislikes, concerns, joys, experiences, and various thoughts about solitary living while having their portrait drawn. For this CAW event, selected pieces of writings and interviews will be shared along with new and recent portraits. Please contact Jessica if you would like to participate in this portrait project. Tim Hartsock is currently working on stained glass studies, and gathering final pieces for a fire-inspired charcoal rubbing project. He is exploring the integrated environments of light, color, shadow, and texture, and focusing on the interplay of layering, scale, and shade. For this CAW event, Jessica and Tim will feature a collaborative piece about the rituals of Fall.

Jensen_R_Revival - Beatrice Rubenfeld.jpg

Studio Beatrice • 230 NW 6th St • 4-7PM

A Moment in Time

"A Moment in Time" by Randye Jensen. "In wildness," said Thoreau, "is the preservation of the world". This quote drives my painting and my life's philosophy. I choose to spend what time I can outdoors, surrounded by the beauty and grandeur that continues to inspire me.  When I paint outdoors I am trying to capture a moment in time. Inhalingthe light and scene around me I attempt to create a little magic on a two dimensional piece of paper. When I am painting in my studio I relive that moment when something captivated my senses. 

Painting is a never ending study of light, of atmospheric perspective, gauzy drapes appearing to cover distant mountains, bolder, more vibrant colors at my feet. It is a search for patterns, rhythms, movement, for voice. Through my paintings I'm hoping to share with you the wonder and the complexity, the subtlety and the grandeur of the places I call home.

Voices Gallery • 301 SW 4th Suite 160 • 4-8pm

Art in Nature

Voices Gallery is an eight member collective featuring an assortment of different media. Though each artist is different, we each share the same respect for nature and the inspiration it brings to our work, creating a divine harmony as a collective. Journey through mountain tops, swirling skies, deep blue seas and overgrown forests... Without stepping foot outside Corvallis! Additionally, a few of our members will be painting en plain air, giving you the opportunity to view our processes and ask questions. You can find us under the eagle mural at 4th and Jefferson!