The Arts Center • 700 SW Madison Ave • 4pm-8pm

I Came From Far Away, But I Am Here Now

Reception for "I Came From Far Away, But I Am Here Now", an exhibit of invited and selected immigrant artists.

Art in the Valley Gallery• 209 SW 2nd St. •  4-8pm

"Loving it!" with Dale Donovan

One passion of my career has been working with crystalline glaze. I use zinc to form crystals; it is an exacting process, requiring benevolence from the kiln god and 8 - 12 hours of hold time at 2000F. If the glaze is too thick or too thin or the temperature is off by 25 degrees - the result is clear glass. I hope people enjoy living with my work as I enjoy making it.

Brittney West Studio/Plant Posse • 340 SW 2nd St. Studio #3 • 4-8pm

Growing Mural

Come see the beginning of the Plant Posse mural which will grow each month, new plant-inspired jewelry & art and additional studio transformation! 

Peter Strini Terminal Abstractions Photo (untitled) by Peter Strini for ArtWorks ads - Bruce Burris.jpg

CEI ArtWorks Gallery • 408 SW Monroe St. • 4-8pm

Terminal Abstractions: Peter Strini

These works are the result of reestablishing myself as a painter and moving from audio to video on the PC. I have worked on a new style of painting for the last year, and have moved from "outsider" street art, to a style of abstraction. The videos are very loose and experimental, and I am trying to grasp abstraction in the paintings while letting the materials make many decisions, making intentional error and working with the result. I am schizophrenic and these works are very rooted in that. I consider my hallucinations and these works one, finding unity in God. Sometimes violent and painful, this process is cathartic, and a reminder of psycho graphic reality.

I am schizophrenic and these works are very rooted in that. I consider my hallucinations and these works one, finding unity in God. Sometimes violent and painful, this process is cathartic, and a reminder of psycho graphic reality.

Darkside Cinema • 215 SW 4th St. • 4 - 8pm 

Community Digital Stories

Darkside Cinema’s Paul Turner explains why he comes to the monthly Community Digital Storytelling Workshops - “Anything that allows thoughts and feelings to be manifested in a sharable format is a important process.” Paul’s latest, “Vegas Chaos,” will be playing (along with six others) during the Arts Walk. More info at

KISSINGBOOTH2 - James Webb.png

Evil Eye Collective Studio • 460 SW Madison Ave. #7 • 6-8pm 

Snakes, Stickers and Psychedelia

Explore illusionary illustrations by James Webb, drawing influence from psychedelic art styles, snake forms, and eclectic textures. Be sure to check out our selection of stickers, buttons & other accessible artforms. Vegan treats will provided. 

OSU Fairbanks Gallery of Art • 220 SW 26th St • 4-8pm 

OSU Art Faculty Exhibition

A showcase of works by art faculty at Oregon State University.

Fred Amos Art Studio • 340 SW 2nd St, Studio #12 • 4-8pm 

Celebrate Summer

I'm working on some great Plein Aire paintings and enjoying the summer weather. Stop by and see what I have been working on. Stroll around town take in the sights and look at some great art work.

The Hold • 425 SW 4th St., Suite E-2 • 4-8pm

Grief and Honor

Artists and co-owners of The Hold Studio, Holly Campbell and Sharon Rackham King, practice the power of creating art as a healthy and effective coping mechanism for grief. This exhibit focuses on artwork created during or after the loss of loved ones. Some pieces come with a subtle focus on mental illness and/or suicide, other pieces are abstract, and some are more literal. 

Jagged Touch Studio  • 340 SW 2nd St. Ste #11 • 4-8pm

Exploring Intuitive Painting Digitally 

Artist Rani Primmer explores intuitive painting as images find their way onto the canvas, fed by the energy of an intentional spirit animal. The bear in all its strength shapes the energy of what is to come. I digitally drop colors and textures on to the painting and then explore the space where substance becomes shadow and shadows become substance.

Zina_Allen_KarenWysopalStudio - Karen Wysopal.png

Karen Wysopal Studio • 230 SW 3rd St, #310 • 4-8PM

Soul Syncopation: Guest Artist Zina Allen

Local artist Zina Allen has always been drawn to nature, and combined with an eye for abstract surrealism, produces small art pieces primarily in pencil and ink. Admirers of Zina’s art often describe it as dynamic and creating a sense of movement. With a bias for sweeping lines and dramatic shading, Zina’s art is the product of bold and colorful choices that reveal personality. She describes her art as representing “the ever-shifting nature of life’s journey.” Zina has been interested in art since being a young child, where her interest was shaped by countless hours spent visiting museums and attending art classes over the years. Her current passion is translating her dreams into mixed media art forms.

johnginn_pegasus - Paige Shumway.jpg

Pegasus Gallery • 341 SW 2nd St • 4-8PM

Valley Vinguettes

Pegasus takes some time to lean into the collections of a handful of artists and their reflections on the valley, from local artist Karen Miller and her artistic family's collection of sketches and mixed media works, to John Ginn's magical photographic images of this area, to Jim Adams' dream-like graphite and watercolor works and painter Margaret Hays' meticulous paintings. Our steadfast valley image makers like, Bonnie Hall, Jim Howland, Greg Pfarr and Bill Shumway will be filling out the show throughout the exhibit.

Matthew Nelson His and Hers - Matthew Nelson.jpg

Pops Art Studio • 425 SW Madison Ave • 4-8PM

Chairs, Playgrounds and Other Things

PopsArtStudio featured show for July is a series of acrylics on wood panels examining light, dark and the spaces in-between. This series comes from the everyday wonders of the mundane. Chairs, playgrounds, coffee cups, and alters that are bathed in light revealing the startling presence of the "betwixt and between" where light and shadow connect and interact.

Reynolds Gallery@Reynolds Law Firm • 225 SW 4th St • 5:30-8PM

Erika_Graves_ReynoldsGallery - Paris Myers.JPG

Good Feels Good

Good Feels Good features prints by 2018 Oregon State BFA graduate Erika Graves. These works aim to explore the complexities and problematic cultural representations of gender and sexuality. Graves’ focus on the LGBTQIA+ community in this series stems from her own questioning and identity. 

Studio Beatrice • 230 NW 6th St • 4-7PM

"Wild Things" by Faye Cummins

Faye's work explores nature-oriented,especially avian, subjects. Her focus over the past few years has been on rare, extinct birds. Though still interested in the rare, she has been painting more common and local birds, especially owls. "Birds offer a connection to the wild we can experience every day." She hopes to bring attention to creatures we rarely see and to help us appreciate the more common ones we might take for granted.


Voices Gallery • 301 SW 4th Suite 160 • 4-8pm

Animal Lovers, Unite!

Voices Gallery’s 9 member artists lovingly travel the animal kingdom with works in pottery, acrylic, oil, watercolor, and multi-media. View and discuss with artists and animal lovers Marnie Zoa, Sharon Rackham King, Holly Campbell, Ronda Treebelly Wymore, Diana Rose Ryan, Courtney Marchesi, Caroline Moses, Alisha B. Whitman, and Bill Willsey.