CORVALLIS ARTS WALK • November 15th, 2018


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The Arts Center • 700 SW Madison Ave • 4pm-8pm

Reception for TOYS

The Arts Center invited local artists, art makers and tinkerers to participate in the 2018 holiday season themed exhibit called “TOYS”, a collection of toys that will delight kids, dogs, cats and grown-ups alike. Toys are so connected with the holiday season, and each and every one has a different memory of their favorite toy. To start the holiday season, TAC hosts a festive reception amidst a playful exhibit on November CAW night.

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Art in the Valley Gallery• 209 SW 2nd St. •  4-8pm

Nature’s Gems: Phyllis Johnson

Animals, landscapes and colorful acrylic paint combine to express the joy I find in the beauty of our planet (and my concern for it’s preservation!) I enjoy working on a colorful, textured surface and after establishing my subject and focus, I like to allow the background to direct the search for the atmosphere of the piece. I have always loved to paint and draw and from my first visit to the Tate Gallery I was mesmerized by J.M.W. Turner’s atmospheric, colorful art. Whenever I am in London a visit to the Tate is on the agenda. As a member of the Corvallis Art Guild my work is shown in various venues in town, occasionally at the Guistina Gallery and at Art in the Valley Gallery.

Phillip Jones copyright_ WORKBOOKS Exhibit_ ArtWorks CEI Invite_n - Bruce Burris.jpg

CEI ArtWorks Gallery • 408 SW Monroe St. • 4-8pm

WORKBOOKS: Phillip Jones

For nearly fifteen years, Phillip March Jones has worked daily on a series of drawings, paintings, writings, and collages within the pages of a succession of small workbooks that he carries with him. Most pages start with bits of information: phone numbers, addresses, and to-do lists, but quickly develop into meandering compositions that build, with color and form, on the mundane visual information of life’s quotidien realities. Two zeros in a phone number may become a figure’s eyes; the crossed-out items of a list may become stripes on a man’s shirt; private information, bank details, and phone numbers are generally redacted, and the resulting lines are built into the new drawing’s structure. Phillip March Jones (b. 1981, Shreveport, LA) is an artist, writer, and curator based in New York City. He currently oversees Institute 193 (1B), a collaborative project space, in New York’s East Village. In 2019, Jones will curate the Atlanta Biennial.

Cyrano's Bookbinding • 361 SW 2nd & Adams. • 4-7pm

Give Thanks

Worked hard all year -- come see what we have created for you and yours!

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Fred Amos Art Studio • 340 SW 2nd St, Suite #12 • 4-8pm

Faces and Places

Over the years, as a portrait painter, I've painted face studies of various models. This month I want to showcase some of them. Landscapes also on display.

OSU Fairbanks Gallery of Art • 220 SW 26th St • 4-8pm 

Krick_Fairbanks_November - Andrew Nigon.jpg

Natural Deceptions: Natalie Krick

The photography of Natalie Krick is fueled by her conflicting attraction and aversion to images of women in popular culture. She is fascinated with perceptions of the sexualized body and the intersection between the ubiquitous and the taboo nature of sexuality. Krick’s photographs portray beauty as artificial, flawed, threatening, psychological, seductive and garish.

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The Hold Studio • 425 SW Madison Ave, Suite E2 • 4-8PM

States of Mind

In the Gallery: Sharon Rackham King & Holly Campbell illustrate the connection between mind and body in the interactive experience, "States of Mind". How does posture affect mood, and vice versa? How can one impact their own state of mind by the act of noticing, and ultimately changing, the signals that the physical being sends to the mind -- and to the rest of the world? In the Studio: Art Sale -- Gifts at reduced prices!

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Jagged Touch Studio • 340 SW 2nd Street, Ste #11 • 4-8pm

Neon Aries: Pathos in Perspective

Jagged Touch Studio presents "Pathos in Perspective", an exhibition by featured artist Neon Aries. "A dedication and exploration of the influences leading up to the beginning of my journey to become an unmedicated, fully functioning adult despite diagnoses. A memoir of mirrors of myself."

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Jeff Hess Studio • 460 SW Madison Ave, Ste #16 • 5-8PM

A Screen In The Dark

A show by The Darkside's Paul Turner: The end of movie theaters is coming! First it was TV, then colour TV, then Cable TV, then VHS, then DVD, then Blu Ray, then Netflix. Yet, cinemas are still here. Movie theaters have evolved to remain a cultural bonfire around which so many gather. In the evolution we have seen single-screen movie palaces morph into 16-plex movie theaters and film give way to pixels. The love of car culture and movies spouted the drive-in movie theater experience. Sadly, we are down to one drive-in in Oregon as property values soar. However, there remains the ephemera of decades of drive-in and single-screen movie houses. When I finally had to consolidate my storage, artifacts surfaced from a lifetime of exhibiting movies.

Sonja_Dahl_Joan Truckenbrod PopUp Gallery - Sonja Dahl.jpg

Joan Truckenbrod Pop-up Gallery
• 517 SW 2nd Street • 4-8PM

Recounting Fragments

As in the recounting of a story or the telling of history, a patchwork quilt is constructed of fragments - some matching, some discordant. The artworks in this exhibit use semiotically-charged materials such as salt, cotton cloth, thread, and Pendleton woolen fabrics in tandem with migration-themed motifs and techniques derived from patchwork and whitework quilting to interrogate the incomplete stories surrounding Oregon’s settlement. As a settler of Kalapuya lands herself, the artist recognizes that the mythos of migration, settlement and discovery that infuses this region does not form a whole cloth, inclusive of all the stories and lived experiences that comprise this place. These artworks grow out of a state of questioning and reckoning with what it means to settle in a place - what is left behind, claimed on arrival, displaced or elided in the making of a “new” life and a sense of home?

Peak Sports • 207 NW 2nd Street • 4-7PM

Nature Noticed: Brandon Johnson

Brandon Johnson is a mathematics teacher with a strong passion for nature photography. For this collection, Brandon has chosen to share works that capture water droplets in nature. Macro photography allows him to share the beauty in moments and subjects often left unnoticed. To view more of Brandon’s work and order prints, check out @brandjohns on instagram or email him at

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Pegasus Gallery • 341 SW 2nd Street • 4-8PM

The Moveable Feast of Art

Every year Pegasus hosts its annual holiday exhibit connecting everyone with an array of local Artists and Mediums as they search to find just the right creative and meaningful things that say they were thinking of you to those they care about. There will be paintings and prints, ceramics and glass, books and sculptures and so much more. "The Moveable Feast of Art" has been over a 15 year tradition at the gallery and we look forward to the potlatch of arts for all to feast their eyes on!

Plant Posse/Brittney West Studio • 340 SW 2nd Street, Ste #3 • 4-8PM

Peach_Poster - Samantha Stanley.jpg

New Produce-Themed Jewelry & Art!

Come see new miniature pomegranate earrings, other new surprise produce-themed jewelry and artwork as well as new prints, t-shirts, and totes! All uniquely hand-sculpted and hand-painted jewelry, produced by a posse of plant-powered people promoting plant pride!

PopsArtStudio • 425 SW Madison Ave, Ste H1 • 4-8pm

Blackbird - Matthew Nelson.jpg


There are moments sublime where we find ourselves connected to something vast and indescribable, an in-between time of communion where we can find peace and strength. Some will experience it nature. Others soak up strength in community. Still more rest in the arms and companionship of another. Perhaps it is even quiet time alone with a good book that fills you. This months show seeks to make visible these invisible moments of connection and belonging by presenting new a series of acrylic on wood paintings by Matthew Nelson. Come and enjoy these special moments and the songs associated with each.

Reynolds Gallery • 225 SW 4th Street • 5:30-8pm

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Desert Translations: PLAYA

“Desert Translations: PLAYA” is a group exhibition highlighting the diverse works of four Oregon-based artists, as inspired by their artist residences at PLAYA, Summer Lake, in Oregon. Featuring: Michael Boonstra (resident 2016, 2017), documentation images of installations on the Playa, aluminum prints; Andy Myers (resident 2017), large, Playa-inspired drawings; Dana Reason (resident 2018) and Paris Myers (resident 2018), site-specific video work prototype [Water in the West]. The unique, breathtakingly flat, dried-up lake bed and surrounding environment of Playa acts as a recurring theme throughout the exhibit.


Rhizosphere Studios • 230 SW 3rd Street • 4-8pm


Encaustics is the art of painting with beeswax. Rhizosphere will be showing work by a variety of local encaustic painters. Come see what the buzz is all about!

Jessica-Billey_Studio204 - Jessica Billey.jpg

Studio 2 o 4 • 230 SW 3rd Street, Ste #204 • 4-8pm


Studio 2 O 4 presents "Cohere", featuring recent work by Jessica Billey and Tim Harstock. Billey's portrait project of People Who Live Alone expands with additional participants and selected writings from conversations gathered in her long-term field study about solo dwellers. Portraits of local participants will be featured, along with Billey's other creative focus, large-scale macro woodcuts of natural abstractions. Harstock's light and linear work evolves with the influence of overlapping colors and muted tones, while laser cut wood engravings explore the contrast between fragile line work and the sturdiness of material. Both artists will have gift-sized artworks for sale in this exciting gallery space, located in the heart of Corvallis overlooking 3rd street. Live music and local beverages.

Group_TealGallery - Carrie Tasman.jpg

Teal Co-operative Gallery
139 SW 3rd Street • 5pm - 8pm

The Future (Extinction)

Teal Cooperative features art and craft from Willamette Valley artists. Come snack, sample Veracity Spirits and view our newest creations.

KiLoSo_Rhizosphere - Rhonda Thomson.png

Voices Gallery • Under the Eagle Mural • 301 SW Jefferson Street, Suite 160 • 4-8pm

Ebb & Flow: Courtney Marchesi

Featured in the south gallery this month is artist Courtney Marchesi. Like the changing tide, Courtney has felt the urge to move in different directions with her art. While her sea-life subjects have remained, as you will see in this semi-eclectic production, experimenting with textures, surfaces and color have been her recent focus. It has been challenging and frustrating, exciting and rewarding. In the north gallery, you will find work from the eight additional Voices members - mediums range from acrylics to watercolors to ceramics.