THE ARTS CENTER • 700 SW Madison Ave • 4-8pm


The Arts Center hosts the reception during CAW for David Carmack Lewis: THERE IS A GOD IN THE HEARTH: a Visual Essay on Fire and Fossil Fuels. Lewis always had a preoccupation with narrative in painting, specifically fire and the evening sky. While many artists are called “the painter of light”, Lewis has concentrated on the contrast of fire as a light source in a nocturnal setting. This current series of paintings sheds light on how we traditionally used fire and fuel, very visible and open. Now the burning of fuel has become more hidden, inside machinery and buildings. What does this concealment do to our landscape -- and the warming-world around us?

Jen G. Pywell: The Bind • Corrine Woodman Gallery I

Mental health is an issue that we are all aware off, but still have a hard time talking about, especially if it concerns oneself. The Corrine Woodman Gallery shows work June 27 – July 29, 2017 by local artist Jen G. Pywell about when she experienced a breakdown of her own mental health.

“The Bind,” is an art installation, which is paradoxically shows emerging work but is retrospective in nature as well.

Diagnosed recently with Bipolar 1 Disorder after a severe manic episode, Pywell examines the progression and circular nature of the condition through art making that occurs before the diagnosis, during her episode and while in recovery. 

The viewer enters the installation through a curtain and into a square-turned-circular room where artwork hangs in one continuously curved display. The viewer begins circling left to a time before the artist’s diagnosis. This work blends into the wall facing the curtain, a wall of work made during a manic episode: multitude of Post It notes used by the artist to communicate when talking wasn’t possible. The third part consists of silhouettes made shortly after her hospitalization, representing the many silenced voices, the many people who have not yet sought help. However the moment one speaks and gets help the darkness is over. The silhouette then becomes a mere shadow on the wall behind a person who is standing in the spotlight with knowledge, freedom and power. 

When the viewer continues around to the black curtain to leave, “the ride” has not ended. The blackness of the curtain is the dark resting point of depression, a time when art making is not possible and leaving, as appealing as it sounds, is suicide. This is “The Bind.” From this black curtain, the circle continues.

Ugly Art Room curates Fare Thee Well • Corrine Woodman Gallery II

The Ugly Art Room did a worldwide Call to Artists for postcards with the theme “Fare Thee Well.” Simply stated the term “fare thee well” is defined as “a state of perfection”, “thoroughly sound” and “without any flaws.”  None of these definitions are generally used for mental illness.; trying to obtain perfection can even break us. What does perfection look like and how is it reached? How is it measured? Is it possible to reach? What must one sacrifice to get there? 

ART IN THE VALLEY• 209 SW 2nd St. •  4-8pm

World Views

Larry Javorsky's main motivation in his artwork is "making the beauty and wonder of the world more visible and accessible to people". Gravitating towards simplicity, his images are crafted using alternative and traditional darkroom processes, so each is unique and striking. Images range from his back yard to the plains of Mongolia.

BRITTNEY WEST STUDIO • 340 SW 2nd St. Studio #3 • 4-8pm


Come see West's new line of artwork with her new business "Plant Posse" -- starting with jewelry inspired by produce! All are welcome!

G Litter evite.jpg

CEI ArtWorks GALLERY • 408 SW Monroe •  4-8PM


Quit my newspaper job, cleared my head and right away began scratching out a surprise rash of scattered subliminal claptrap. I don’t plan or draft in pencil first. I blank my mind and get started. If I feel stuck or interrupted by a coherent thought, then I turn on some dry news radio and drop the volume way down until the murmur is barely audible. What results is what results: puerile salvos launched against whatever comes into the mind’s focus that are as surprising to me as they are to anyone else. Maybe the abused scraps of card stock and paper board bear dark globules of subconscious truth that are dying to be interpreted. Or maybe not. My earliest memories include years of disapproval and corporal punishment at the grey hands of the nuns at Saint Anne's Elementary. Seems like any outpouring of monsters, demons and sick jokes -- however delayed -- is probably the most appropriate mutiny against the mean old crones who swatted at me for drawing in class when I should have been listening. With Matt Conklin and Lisa Wells

FAIRBANKS GALLERY • 220 SW 26th St. OSU Campus • 4-8pm


Solo exhibition by Corvallis based artist Andrew Myers. Themes of conservation, preservation, extinction and collection are explored through mixed media drawings on modular and assembled surfaces. Prehistoric animals, endangered and threatened species and the human figure are combined in amalgamated forms on layered surfaces. Natural history collections are referenced as a reminder that one day this may be all that remains of the places and creatures that are so vital to our planet.

FRED AMOS STUDIO • 340 SW 2nd St. Studio 12 • 4-8pm


I've been working on landscapes with Vistas and Vineyards since May. Come see my creations. I'm also working on two new paintings for the La Sells-Stewart Solar Eclispe Show in August.

KAREN WYSOPAL • 230 SW 3RD ST, #208A • 4-8pm


Alcohol Ink and Watercolor Paintings.

POPS ART STUDIO • 425 SW MADISON AVE., STE Pl (Lower Level) • 4-8pm

Welcome to PopsArtStudio's new gallery space!

New work for the opening of the new gallery and studio space. This month's focus is on "Living Life on Life's Terms". All work is inspired by sayings and phrases used in recovery and handling the stressors of life. Spotlight is the large hula hoop tryptic, "What's Inside This Is Mine".

PEGASUS GALLERY • 341 SW 2nd St. •  4-8PM


Every community counts on its artisans and makers and laborers to our creative community's trail of evidence created by local artists Carol Selberg, Bill Shumway, Kerrie Wrye and Nelson Sandgren. Like the rings on a tree, they document what happened, the tools and the stories that without, no one would know about. As we all experience a paradigm shift in our worlds, both individually and collectively, we are invited to decide and celebrate what is important to us and somehow claim it. This exhibit reflects some of that local experience.

STUDIO BEATRICE • 230 NW 6th • 4-7pm


"Small Life Reveries" is an exhibit composed by Carrie James, which includes art by Phyllis Jonson and Cherrill Boissonou, as well as Carrie. Ellen's Illustrations includes a selection of originals and reproductions spanning Ellen Beier's 40 year career as a children's book illustrator. Ellen will bring a few books, as well. There is plenty of eye candy for both children and grown-ups. Refreshments and music for all ages.

UNTITLED WORKS STUDIO • 460 SW Madison Ave, Ste 16 •  4-8PM


Stop by and see the latest capabilities in water sculpting and "The Trump Diaries". 

VOICES GALLERY • 301 SW 4th Suite 160 • 4-8pm


The Feathers and Fishy Tails Show is a marriage of several themes I've been exploring. By pushing myself out of my comfort zone and exploring the possibilities of mixing mediums, I have created fantastic prototypes for several new bodies of work which I would like to expand on. This show is the product of playful experimentation, original ideas, mistakes and the beautiful uncertainty of the art making process.