CORVALLIS ARTS WALK • September 21, 2017


THE ARTS CENTER • 700 SW Madison Ave • 5-8pm

Blues & Sunshine

Folk band “Blood & Sunshine” will play at Logcabin Medley, a perfect match. The traditional background of Logcabin quilt pattern. Their repertoire is all about life: the ups and downs. Guitar, mandolin, ukulele, washtub base are the core instruments of the group, while they sing well known, and “hidden” treasures from the American songbook. With the interactive Exquisite Corvallis, based on the idea of exquisite corps, Lauren Sharpton created an opportunity to interact, participate and develop an art installation. The Exquisite Corvallis is about engaging the community, all while creating a space ripe for collaboration, conversation and connection. Shortly after the CAW the three artworks will be revealed and exhibited to the community that helped create it.


ART IN THE VALLEY• 209 SW 2nd St. •  4-8pm

Get A Reaction, featuring Linda Ohlson

In the confines of a hot kiln certain glasses can react with each other to create special effects. Linda Ohlson, a fused glass artist for the past 14 years, experiments with these glasses for some surprising results.


BRITTNEY WEST STUDIO • 340 SW 2nd St. Studio #3 • 4-8pm

Plant Posse Creations

Melding West’s love of produce and art, she started a line of jewelry called Plant Posse, featuring seasonal produce-inspired earrings and necklaces, hand-sculpted and painted by a posse of plant-powered people. Do you or someone you know have an affinity for avocados, cherries, carrots, or watermelon? Come browse through the growing number of produce options Plant Posse has to offer!


CEI ArtWorks GALLERY • 408 SW Monroe • 4-8pm

VIVID conjuring

Through geometric pattern and color relationships, I aim to generate visual energy and space. Using color to suggest depth, I push through patterns of circles to paint skyscapes. The relationship between the skyscapes and the circles is a matter of tension between flat surface and profound expanse.


CYRANO'S BOOKBINDING & ART SUPPLIES • 361 SW 2nd St. & Adams • 4-7pm


Your Local Art Supply Store is ready to serve you, This month's featured Artist Rachel Urista: Whimsical works both large and small. See a local artist as she plays with her love of abstraction and illustration.

FAIRBANKS GALLERY • 220 SW 26th St. OSU Campus • 4-8pm


“Totality” brings together a group of artists who make work about people’s relationship with the Cosmos in some manner. The emphasis is on lyrical, conceptual, scientific, fantasy and historic responses to the universe or to humankind’s space exploration.


KAREN WYSOPAL STUDIO • 230 SW 3rd St. #310 • 4-8pm

In Living Color

After a summer hiatus, I invite you to the grand opening of my new studio (yes, again) same building, one floor up! The light-filled walls are covered with new colorful pieces to warm your soul. Above The Inkwell, 3rd Floor, #310. There is an elevator!

THE LITTLEST GALLERY • 4th St. & Madison Ave. (on the wall on the side of Starbucks • 4-8pm



a collaborative selfie-portrait by west coast based artist, Chelsea Foss Van Denend. Viewers are invited to participate in the completion and documentation of this imaginative work of art.

What grows from your head? 
Is it living is it dead?
Have you looked into the mirror?
Look closer is it clearer?

Does it growl does it purr?
Does it have the most delightful fur?
When you go to sleep does it stay awake?
Hunt for a little meal to make?

Do you think that it will stay for long?
Or will it be quick to move along?
What could you do to make it tame?
Give it a treat? Give it a name?


MAJESTIC THEATRE • 115 SW 2nd St. • 5-8pm

Modern Avant-Garde Paintings of Al Kapuler

Al Kapuler is an avant-garde art painter inspired by the great moderns of the last 150 years. He has been painting since the late 1960's with more than 1500 paintings in his repetoire. The CAW September show at Majestic Theater (115 SW 2nd St., 4-8 pm) will include up to a hundred paintings from different eras of his life. His work is original with more than 17 different themes, including The Earth Is In Our Hands, Our Struggle for the Earth, Portraits, Family Views, Karma Of Our Times (KOOTS), HyperDimensional Character AnalyseS (HDCAS), Devotion to Peace, Love and Good Health, Birds, The Long Strange Trips That Encompass Our Lives, Devotion to the Wellness of Women and others.



PEGASUS GALLERY • 341 SW 2nd St. •  4-8PM

And The Moon Looked Back.

What an amazing physical and metaphysical experience we just shared in the Total Solar Eclipse! As with other collective experiences, many are moved to record, reflect on or explore thoughts, feeling and data around such phenomenal happenings. This exhibit will give venue to both what we know and what we might begin to see more clearly. We celebrate the facts and the mystery!
Pegasus Gallery will feature vignettes of earth imagery by known local artists like Bonnie Hall and her botanical serigraphs, Jim Howland's Oregon silkscreens, Lars Lohn's digital drawings, Karen Miller's fiber arts, and Bill Shumway's geological acrylics, as well as a collection of photography in the Old World Deli by Don Ferguson, John Ginn, Corwin Willard, Kazu Yokoyama and several others. (Photographers discussion of Eclipse Photo Celebration in the Deli on September 1st hosted by Don Ferguson with Shadowsmith Photographic)


PopsArtStudio • 425 SW Madison Ave • 4-8PM

Signs Of The Times

"Signs of the Times” is showing at PopsArtStudio. I am using appropriated images from TV, magazines, comics and ads to mirror the current feel of the world through prints and paintings.


STUDIO BEATRICE • 230 NW 6th • 4-7pm

Not Your Grandmother's Quilts

Studio Beatrice celebrates Quilt County with Beth Reitveld"s exhibit "Not Your Grandmother's Quilts", a showing of modern quilts and baskets with a uniquely modern flair. Polly Johnson and Cat McKenzie add to the fun with more quilted art. Music by Marshall Adams and refreshments, including Spindrift, add to the festivities. 4-7 pm.


VOICES GALLERY • 301 SW 4th Suite 160 • 4-8pm

Marnie Zoa: "Wild Words" Acrylic Paintings and Poetry Reading

Main Gallery: Featured Artist Marnie Zoa offers "Wild Words", pairing acrylic paintings and poetry reading. Zoa explains, "Wild Words is an exploration of the words and attitudes we take from the animal world. We use them in more ways than we realize… We use them until we use them up." 
Front Gallery: Eight other Voices artists show in a variety of media.