CORVALLIS ARTS WALK • August 17, 2017


THE ARTS CENTER • 700 SW Madison Ave • 4-8pm

Slow Looking at The Arts Center

Have you heard about the Slow-Cooking Movement? It is about taking time, respecting the ingredients, being thoughtful with preparation and savoring the results. There is a Slow-Looking Movement as well, and it does the same thing. People tend to look at paintings for only a few seconds before they move on to the next painting; Slow-Looking makes that time longer and leaves a bigger impression. So: Slow down, sit down, lean back and relax, take a sip and then take your time to look at paintings by David Carmack Lewis’ “God in the Hearth” show or the “Artful Solar Eclipse” group exhibit. Don’t look at all the artwork, but pick one or two and REALLY see what is going on in there… Let it sink in and make a connection with the images, the content, styles, brushwork. We’ve set up chairs in front of the paintings and invite you to scrutinize what you see. Talk about the art with the person sitting next to you and share your observations.

ART IN THE VALLEY• 209 SW 2nd St. •  4-8pm

Bohemian Light featuring Jenny Armitage

Jenny Armitage paints luminous watercolors in soft glowing colors. She is drawn to back-lit streets, noon shadows, and unexpected shafts of light. She is currently exhibiting a group of central European paintings featuring city life from towers and bridges to pedestrians and bicycles.

BRITTNEY WEST STUDIO • 340 SW 2nd St. Studio #3 • 4-8pm


Come check out West's new jewelry line, Plant Posse, featuring hand-sculpted/painted jewelry inspired by seasonal produce! Browse through a plethora of Eco-Prints from her 100-day art challenge and view a medley of original, thought-provoking paintings.

G Litter evite.jpg

CEI ArtWorks GALLERY • 408 SW Monroe •  4-8PM


In partnership with CEI ARTWORKS, S/PLI/T Projects is proud to present soft/en, an exhibition of new works from Portland-based artists Chloe Cooper and Tessa Heck. Working in different mediums, both artists reference the body through abstract form, gestural movement, and figurative identities, complicating traditional narratives of femininity.

Chloe Cooper’s mostly abstract 2D knit sculptures contain fleshy elements that question the boundary between body and non-body. Cooper enjoys the meditative and physical movement of using a knitting machine. While knitting, the body moves in a rhythmic repetitive motion, responding to the push and pull of the machine. Her works reflect this motion, the physical body, and its surrounding environment.

Tessa Heck’s paintings and drawings reflect upon the awkward experience of having a female body. She uses unique methods and a complex color palette to traverse spectrums between discomfort/humor, real/abstract, and controlled/accidental in her figurative works. Her portraits, often relating to the self, comment on self-deprecation, absurdity of the body, and finding humor in the grotesque.

FAIRBANKS GALLERY • 220 SW 26th St. OSU Campus • 4-8pm


“Totality” brings together a group of artists who make work about people’s relationship with the Cosmos in some manner. The emphasis is on lyrical, conceptual, scientific, fantasy and historic responses to the universe or to humankind’s space exploration.

THE LITTLEST GALLERY • 4th St. & Madison Ave. (on the wall on the side of Starbucks • 4-8pm

Sinister Snuggles

The overly cute Snuggles has dark intentions. Trapped now behind glass, it longs to bring fire and destruction to the outside world, its eyes red with rage. The only problem is can’t overcome its adorable core. The air around it changes not to brimstone but to gum drops and heart felt cheer.

It longs to bring chaos and anarchy for the transgressions of its captures but only aides in creating more happiness, a fact that infuriates it even more.

MAJESTIC THEATRE • 115 SW 2nd St. • 5-8pm

The Circles of Life

Local Mandala artist, Maureen Frank, showcases a wide range of her mandala art spanning 18 years, in a variety of styles, sizes, and media. Included in her exhibit is a 4’ x 4’ Tibetan-styled mandala-in-progress, which she will be painting at the Majestic throughout the month of August.

On the evening of the CAW, Maureen will be offering free mandalas to color and will also have on hand her latest mandala art style: Mandala Meditation Stones and Chakra Mandala Meditation Stone Sets. She hand-paints stones with different mandala styles and patterns, each with its own message and meaning.

“Mandala” means circle, reminding us that we are whole and complete just as we are, never ending, never beginning. Her journey with creating mandalas began after a trip to Egypt in early 1999. Her mathematical background helped her design templates that allowed her to hand-draw her original mandala designs.

Over the years she’s explored different styles of mandalas including symmetry, asymmetry, hyperbolic tessellations, and abstract. She also likes to create her art in a variety of media including watercolors, color pencils, markers, gel pens, acrylics, and mixed media. Currently she’s exploring Tibetan-styled mandalas which involve a precision-based design, with greater details and on larger wood panels.

Along with her original art, Maureen also self-published 20 different mandala coloring books of her designs, which she will also have on hand at the CAW.

PEGASUS GALLERY • 341 SW 2nd St. •  4-8PM


Every community counts on its artisans and makers and laborers to our creative community's trail of evidence created by local artists Carol Selberg, Bill Shumway, Kerrie Wrye and Nelson Sandgren. Like the rings on a tree, they document what happened, the tools and the stories that without, no one would know about. As we all experience a paradigm shift in our worlds, both individually and collectively, we are invited to decide and celebrate what is important to us and somehow claim it. This exhibit reflects some of that local experience.

STUDIO BEATRICE • 230 NW 6th • 4-7pm

Shades of Red

Jana R. Johnson has a passion for the color red. The color catches her eye and is a favorite painting subject. Whether it's in nature, a city scape or a found object. The way sunlight glows through a backlit poppy or how a winter coat jumps out of a Jana Johnson painting, the focus is on red this August. Florals, creatures and more with sparks of carmine, scarlet, ruby, burgundy, garnet and crimson highlight this show. Refreshments. 4-7 PM

UNTITLED WORKS STUDIO • 460 SW Madison Ave, Ste 16 •  4-8PM


Stop by and see the latest capabilities in water sculpting and "The Trump Diaries". 

VOICES GALLERY • 301 SW 4th Suite 160 • 4-8pm

Rick Guinan's Photo Prints: Playful Beauty

Main Gallery: Featured Artist Rick Guinan shows his photo prints, "a stream of images communicating the playful beauty of life in all its intricacies". Front Gallery: Eight other Voices artists show in a variety of media, including Ceramics, Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, and Mixed-Media Collage.