CORVALLIS ARTS WALK • March 15, 2018


THE ARTS CENTER • 700 SW Madison Ave • 4-8pm

The Howland Comunnity OPEN Exhibition

Work behind the scenes: All things come to an end, so does the Howland Community OPEN Exhibition. Tonight we deconstruct the largest exhibit of the year: more than 220 pieces. Work is going back to the artists, or to the purchaser! Art gets picked up, nails are being removed, nail holes filled, wall patched up with paint, pedestals painted. Getting ready for the next one.


ART IN THE VALLEY• 209 SW 2nd St. •  4-8pm

Diane Trevett: Floral Interpretations

Art In The Valley Gallery features the artwork of Diane Trevett, a Salem artist who uses painting and drawing media to explore botanical and nature subjects. She is fascinated by their unique form, diverse color and hidden details, and uses the final composition to enhance these qualities.


BRITTNEY WEST STUDIO • 340 SW 2nd St. Studio #3 • 4-8pm

Plant Posse Paintings

Come see Plant Posse original paintings featuring plants, needlepoints and handmade jewelry promoting plant pride!

Julia Bradshaw CEI ArtWorks Gallery.jpg

CEI ArtWorks Gallery • 408 SW Monroe St. • 4-8pm

Julia Bradshaw: Photographs of Institutionalised Spaces

In the summer of 2017, I started a new photographic project “Municipal”. In this project, I take photographs of public institutionalized spaces. I am specifically seeking the types of spaces that may receive an upgrade or a change of purpose in the next decade or so. The photographs are engaging through their use of color, scale, and a subtle humor.

DARKSIDE CINEMA • 215 SW 4th St. • 4 - 8pm 

Digital Stories at the Darkside

The Resilience Project holds community workshops on the last Saturday of the month. During CAW, we screen the digital stories (2-3 minute nonfiction films) made in these workshops. Join us - more info at

EVIL EYE COLLECTIVE STUDIOS • 406 SW Madison Ave, #7 • 5-8pm 

Evil Eye and Friends!

We hope you'll join us for our first official Evil Eye & Friends Art Show! We are very excited to be hosting an eclectic group of artists in variety of mediums in our studio gallery! Featuring: Illustrations by Olivia Falck; Paintings by Lorelei Booher; Printmaking work by Muriel Condon; Embroidery by Alysha Hartman; Mixed Media by Sarika Kumar; Psychedelic Visual Art by James Webb. Each artist will be showing 1-2 pieces, and some will have additional merchandise available for purchase! Light refreshments served.

FAIRBANKS GALLERY • 220 SW 26th St. OSU Campus • 4-8pm


Psychotropic Seas

An exhibition that examines artists' consciousness-expanding responses to ocean water through painting, sculptural installation and video. Works by Dakota Gearhart, Jean Nagai and Amanda Tasse. Curated by Jessica Breedlove Latham.




OSU Woodshop Projects • 220 SW 26th St., Room 004 • 4-8pm


A curated group of 2d and 3d core studio student work made in winter 2018. This exhibition will highlight the power and beauty of minimalist form in sculpture, painting and installation.


Fred Amos Art Studio • 340 SW 2nd St, Studio #12 • 4-8pm 

Celebrate March & St. Patrick's Day

Spring is coming! Celebrate it with Art. Check out my work on the Art Walk and at the Corvallis Senior Center.


THE HOLD • 425 SW 4th St., Suite e-2 • 4-8pm

Journey through Color!

Holly Campbell brings us acrylic pouring/recycled paint jewelry, while Sharon Rackham King displays bright abstracted works of watercolor - just in time for spring!


JAGGED TOUCH STUDIO • 340 SW 2nd St. #11 • 4-8PM

World of Uncertainty

Join me as we fall down the rabbit hole together and cross into a space where the world of uncertainty transforms into a magical space of presence, ponderings, and possibilities. A space where we remind ourselves that we have everything we need to be everything we wish to be.

Kusra_Kapuler_Majestic Theatre.jpeg

THE MAJESTIC THEATRE • 115 SW 2nd St. •  5-8PM

Kusra Kapuler

What makes a place home? What is memory? How does it live through us? Set in the Willamette Valley, in the Coast Range, in the Cascades and Siskiyous, the art finds sanctuary and inspiration in the land. An emotional truth resides in each piece, and a sharing of the heart. 

Before humans or dinosaurs, all kinds of life emerged, including conifers, insects, and then flowering plants. These life forms continue to evolve. Natural disasters effect the land, and life. Cycles of fire create drastic yet sometimes beneficial changes in the state of the forest. Likewise, emotions and feelings alter the human ground. Webs of life are fabrics of light and hope. Again and again, like memory, one is reminded of the ephemeral nature of reality. Does anything remain? What is lasting? How can we keep evolving? Can we embrace resiliency and make time for even the small crawling gleaming forest dwellers and milkweed eaters? The winged ones? 


PEGASUS GALLERY • 341 SW 2nd St. •  4-8PM

"Reaching from Roots to Sky": Bluejah Ventra

Years ago when I was just getting settled in as an apprentice at Pegasus, I met the imagery of a young man who was making amazing marks and showing his work at the fund-raisers for the Corvallis Skate Park, and in other small arenas around the valley, and I remember feeling that his voice and techniques were missing from the local arts scene. He wasn't just an example or what was missing though, he seemed to be pulsing-ly mid-processes and on fire!
Using acrylic, oil based, water based and even spray paint Bluejah's main goal is to create something that has never been seen before. In more than fifteen years of drawing and painting, rarely has he set out with a clear goal in mind; instead he adds layer upon layer onto blank canvas until shape and design develop. From bold lines and bright colors to soft shading in muted tones, his paintings will show you something new every time you study them. In much the same vein, Bluejah does not set out with a final design with the sculptures he carves. The carvings develop organically based on the wood grain and the strength of the wood until a sculpture, lamp or table comes through.
Pegasus was so lucky to get an opportunity all those years ago, to show Ventra's work with his community, and we are honored again now, at the chance to dip into his wellspring and show everyone what he's got going on! May you feel the pulse in his work and be inspired!

Matthew Nelson Pops Art Studio.jpg

POPS ART STUDIO • 425 SW Madison Ave • 4-8PM

Pops "Pop"

This month's focus is on paintings and prints that flow from the tongue-in-cheek themes and colors of Pop Art!

STUDIO BEATRICE • 230 NW 6th St • 4-7PM

Connection: Janeo Jewelry

Featured artist Jan O'Banion showcases her organic, tribal inspired jewelry for the first CAW of the season at Studio Beatrice. Enjoy wine from Spindrift, music by Marshall Adams, and tasty treats. 4-7 PM

VOICES GALLERY • 301 SW 4th Suite 160 • 4-8

The Process Show

Each month, you see a show of finished artwork, carefully prepared, titled and put on display. The eight artists of Voices Gallery would like you to see some of the steps that happen prior to the polish and shine -- the unshaped clay, rough pieces of wood, and paintings that never make it beyond "the ugly phase". Peer into the PROCESS -- the sketches, journals, studies, mock-ups, brainstorms, source material, and "failures" that result in the chosen few that make it to opening night. To see our finished work on display, visit Imagine Coffee through April 8.