THE ARTS CENTER • 700 SW Madison Ave • 4-8pm


The Howland Community OPEN features a lot of different media, a few artists will be demonstrating. 

ART IN THE VALLEY• 209 SW 2nd St. •  5:30-8pm

World of Woodturning

Five area woodturners combine their vision and talent to show the functional, whimsical and beautiful story of wood.

ARTWORKS (CEI Gallery) • 408 SW Monroe Ave •  4-8pm

Caroline Moses 'Check Check Check Check'

Caroline Moses's work aims to promote conversation addressing mental and emotional health issues. 

BISON BISON! • 354 SW Madison Ave. •  4-8PM


Artworks affiliated artists will be in residence during the preceding week, ending with an exhibit of works created during that time. 

BETH RAY CENTER • 361 SW 2nd St. • 4-6pm


Celebrate the artistic achievements of OSU students! Free and open to the public, refreshments provided. 

FAIRBANKS GALLERY • 220 SW 26th St, Fairbanks Hall •  4-8PM


Color Lab

Madelain Corbin


FRED AMOS STUDIO • 340 SW 2nd St Studio 12 • 4-8pm

March Art Madness

Flowers are starting to blume and the tulips are almost here, enjoy some bright colorful art and imagin the wonders that spring will bring.

KAREN WYSOPAL • 230 SW 3RD ST, #208A • 4-8pm


"Freedom· is a new series of alcohol ink paintings on large canvas exploring the theme of "What if .. :

JENNIFER LOMMERS STUDIO • 460 SW Madison Ave., Suite 16 • 4-8pm

Celebrating our State Parks

Come see the unveiling of Jennifer's latest painting in her series of paintings representing our Oregon State Parks. From journal notes to stamp carving, multiple textural studies, and finally a finished painting. Find out more about Jennifer's process from start to finish.

MAJESTIC THEATRE • 115 SW 2nd St. • 4-8pm

Jess Graff Art

The Majestic Theater Gallery will host artwork by Jess Graff. Inspired by play and the natural world, Jess' cut-paper illustrations explore Pacific Northwest native plants, animals, and experiences. Visit the theater during Arts Walk to learn more about the artist and the process of paper-cutting.

PEGASUS GALLERY • 341 SW 2nd St. • 4-8pm


 Pegasus extended call to local artists in all mediums to express their thoughts around the theme "March!" via they're creative process. 

STUDIO BEATRICE • 230 NW 6th • 4-7pm


Regional artists respond to poetry by Terri Thomas & Take it beyond words in a mixed media exhibition about the power of poetry. 

VOICES GALLERY • 301 SW 4th Suite 160 • 4-8pm

March at Voices

Holly Campbell creates whimsical fantasy worlds. She is joined by the rest of membership at Voices Gallery for a unique and delightful March exhibit.