CAW is a grass-roots organized art walk that takes place on the 3rd Thursday of each month in downtown Corvallis from 4pm-8pm.  Galleries, studios, arts/crafts stores and the occasional pop-up keep their doors open late to host an art related event or demonstration.  Walking maps of the event can be picked up at any of the storefront members or viewed here on our CAW Map page.

Have a question? Want to know how you can support the CAW?  Contact us at

Want to join CAW? 

The first step to join CAW is request a screening visit from a CAW.  During this visit members (typically 3-4 people) will come by to look at your space and discuss your event plans.  This screening visit is done to ensure everyone listed on the CAW map provides a predominantly art-centric experience during the walk (for example, if you're a convenience store showing postcards it's unlikely you'll pass). 

Once approved, you'll receive an information package with instructions for how and when to submit the write-up for your show each month. [Note: To ensure your write-up gets printed in the arts walk brochure it's important that you follow the guidelines and not exceed character limits.]  You will also receive sidewalk/window signage to display on the night of CAW as well as payment instructions (CAW charges $10/month to pay for brochures, posters and signage).  Participating in CAW can be done every month or on a special event basis.  Members planning to host events regularly are asked to pay in quarterly (3 month increments).  All members are subject to review to ensure the events they host meet CAW's overarching mission.  Non-complying members will get the boot.

To schedule a visit send an email to