CORVALLIS ARTS WALK • Thursday, June 20th, 2019

Take a summertime stroll in the sun with the CAW this June 20th and enjoy a seasonal taste of the Corvallis art community! From abstract to expressive realism, Sharyn Warner from Art in the Valley Gallery, showcases her work using alcohol inks along with some simple demonstrations. Studio Beatrice welcomes back Inky Fingers with the Cascade Print Collection, Courtney Marchesi displays her collection at Voices Gallery. Breathing new life into old wood through acrylics, Courtney uses her love for the ocean to inspire viewers. No matter which of the 12 studios & galleries CAW-goers visit, they are sure to find a unique, inspired experience!

Art in the Valley Gallery• 209 SW 2nd St. •  4-8pm

Artist: Sharyn Warner

Artist: Sharyn Warner

Sharyn Warner & The Magic of Alcohol Inks

Showcasing The Magic of Alcohol Inks, Sharyn Warner will present her latest work, from abstract to expressive realism, coupled with some simple demonstrations. Refreshments will be served.

The Arts Center • 700 SW Madison Ave •  5:30pm - 8pm

Artist: Jennifer Lommers

Artist: Jennifer Lommers

Around Oregon Annual

TAC hosts an artist reception for Around Oregon Annual. The exhibit is open to all Oregon artists; we choose a different juror every year. The juror selects cash awards from actual work.

Juror Sandee McGee, curator of the Umpqua Valley Art Association selected 44 works for the exhibit from more than 500 submissions. She will announce awards. The exhibit has artists represented from Ashland to Portland, ten of them from Corvallis: Mark Allison, Rich Bergeman, Hester Coucke, Suzanne Getz, Leslie Green, Jennifer Lommers, Chi Meredith, William E. Shumway, Subarna Talkuder Bose and Martha Wehrle. The Lunchbox Art Talk (Thursday June 27, noon) will feature local artists Jennifer Lommers, Suzanne Getz and Diane English: painting ceramic sculpture and fiber.

CEI/Artworks Gallery • 408 SW Monroe Street • 4-8pm

Artist: Cynthia Lahti

Artist: Cynthia Lahti

Ship Ahoy!

In “Ship Ahoy”, Cynthia Lahti explores the allegories and myths of the ship, encouraged by powerful memories of childhood whitewater rafting trips as well as more recent encounters with ships in various circumstances. The parade of vessels made from created and found images and material will encircle the space encouraging a wide variety of interpretations and responses.

Fred Amos Art Studio • 340 SW 2nd Street, Studio 12 • 4-8PM

Artist: Fred Amos

Artist: Fred Amos

Celebrate the Beginning of Summer

The weather is beautiful its time to get out and enjoy the evening, stroll the Riverwalk, and stop at the galleries to enjoy some great art. Fred’s studio features oil paintings and refreshments!

The Hold Studio • 425 SW Madison Ave, Suite E2 • 4pm - 8pm

Artist: Sharon Rackham King

Artist: Sharon Rackham King

Mermaids & Petals

Sharon Rackham King and Holly Campbell welcome you to The Hold Studio behind Starbucks. Start your summer with a breezy stroll downtown into the land of mermaids and petals. How romantic!

Joan Truckenbrod Gallery • 517 SW 2nd Street • 4pm - 9pm (Artist Talk at 8:30pm

”by to them that was”

Recent work by Bruce Burris.

Pegasus Gallery • 341 SW 2nd Street • 4-8pm

Artist: Kris Mitchell

Artist: Kris Mitchell


Dealing with her parents deaths for the past 3 years, first father, then mother, local artist Kris Mitchell leaned into her studio. "My sister and I spent the next year and a half traveling to Idaho to help with their care. Those long drives alone gave me a great deal of contemplation time. I spent a lot of that time thinking about my relationships. My relationship with myself, husband, parents, siblings, children, grandchildren, friends, etc. I also thought about my relationship with the earth, the animals I share this planet with natural places as well as my garden.”

Plant Posse // Brittney Wests’ Studio • 340 SW 2nd Street #3 • 4pm - 7pm


Summer CSA Art & Jewelry Boxes

Come view our summer CSA (Community Supported Art) surprise subscription art/jewelry box samples at the 2nd quarter pickup for patrons. Registration open! These CSA’s consists of art and/or jewelry featuring mostly local, seasonal fruit, vegetables & fungi as well as other plants. CSA's can include handmade jewelry (think , beets, cherry earrings or necklaces), Eco-prints (printed locally on 100% recycled paper) featuring produce and puns, original paintings, needlepoint, stickers and more!

PopsArtStudio • 230 SW 3rd Street, #207 • 4pm - 8pm

Artist: Matthew Nelson

Artist: Matthew Nelson

Music and American Cubism

You are invited to the GRAND OPENING of the newly relocated PopsArtStudio! Matthew opens the door on his new studio and gallery in the Cress Building (above Inkwell) featuring paintings inspired by the the sound, rhythm, complexity and improvisation of American Jazz. These new works present a contemporary, joyous remix of American Cubism that bring a fresh groove to a honored tradition.

Resilience Project • Gravel Parking Lot - 1st Street (Former Downward Dog Café • 4pm - 8pm

download - dvd kkc.jpeg

The Resilience Project Digital Stories

The Resilience Project helps people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities share their stories in their own unique way. Through this process, we discover our talents and strengths by exploring narrative therapy and multimedia. We are saving the world one story at a time.

Rhizosphere Studios • 230 SW 3rd Street #201 • 5pm - 8pm

Feathers and Fronds

Rhizosphere studios introduces a resident artist for the summer. Kassie Morrison (Tangled Roots) plays with recycled materials, pressed plants, and painted landscapes to create art and jewelry inspired by local landscapes and the life that resides in them. Azita Roshani will be back displaying new wildlife art and other things inspired by a residency at Shotpouch Cabin, a creative oasis in the nearby coastal forest.

Studio Beatrice • 230 SW 6th Street • 4pm - 7pm

Inky Fingers

Inky Fingers returns w/hand pulled prints from local artists, as well as artists from around the world. No reproductions, all original art. Live music, refreshments.

Voices Gallery • 301 SW 4th Street, Suite 160 • 4pm - 7pm

Artist: Courtney Marchesi

Artist: Courtney Marchesi

Deep Blue

Courtney Marchesi breathes new life into old wood with a paint brush and a love for the ocean. Her acrylic pieces depict life in the deep blue in an up close and personal point of view. “I want the viewer to see these animals face to face; to be under the waves with them.” The North gallery will showcase mixed media artwork by the other 10 members of Voices, an all women collective. Please join us for light refreshments and a beautiful art experience!