CORVALLIS ARTS WALK • Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Walk the CAW and feel the love as long-time favorite Art in the Valley Gallery features Jagged Touch’s Rani Primmer with her intuitive, vibrant “Heart Drippings”, messages of love for the self and others. Pegasus Gallery offers a second installment of “Clean Slate” as Josh McReynolds and other artists “explore the vulnerability of imaging what might be... right now.” Visit Studio 2 O 4 for an up-close look at Jessica Billey’s “Antler Family”, as seen on CAW’s winter poster. Introduce yourself to the new kids on the block at neighboring Rhizosphere Studios, and meet the Rainbow Adventurers at Autzen House Gallery. CAW welcomes The Boardroom of Downtown Corvallis Association to our family of venues. National Geographic award-winning photographer David Herasimtschuk’s “March of the Newts” is The Boardroom’s initial exhibit.
Not a bad way to start!


The Arts Center • 700 SW Madison Ave • 5:30pm-8pm

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Howland OPEN for (new) Arts Center Members

The Arts Center is looking for local support and holding a membership drive during Spring 2019. It is important for arts organizations to receive support from individuals, people appreciating the arts. One of the things The Arts Center can give back for that support is easy access to the delivery of work for the Howland OPEN Community show. For anyone who is a member, or becomes one on the spot, this special service is available during CAW Feb 2019.

Art in the Valley Gallery• 209 SW 2nd St. •  4-8pm

Rani_Primmer_ArtInTheValleyGallery - Jana Johnson.jpg

“Heart Drippings” with Rani Primmer

Artist Rani Primmer explores the heart as a symbol of self-love and love for others. February is a month designated to proclaiming one’s love for another, so it seems fitting to share creations centered around the heart. In the ‘Heart Drippings’ show, Rani will share images and words exploring not only love for others but the most important love, love of thyself…not from the ego sense but from the soul sense. Only when we can see, love and accept who we are, can we see our truth. It is from that space that we can work to intentionally grow and become better versions of ourselves. And it is through that growth that our light will shine to brighten the path for others. Rani’s work dips into reflections of love from many aspects of the journey to create inspirational pieces that can serve as intention and direction for our greater selves. After all, what ‘drips’ from the heart creates the truth of who we are.

Autzen House Gallery • 811 SW Jefferson Ave • 4-6pm

Agnes_Barton-Sabo_Brady_Chambers_Autzen House - Joy Futrell.jpg

Rainbow Adventurers

Prints by Agnes Barton-Sabo, Brady Chambers, and Friends at the OSU Center for the Humanities. To be a Rainbow Adventurer is to work in pursuit of equality, truth, logic, and empathy, and to celebrate life with joy, curiosity, and creativity. A Rainbow Adventurer is forever driven to seek deeper understanding of the natural world and harmony within it. In the Rainbow Adventurers art series, we travel to fantastical worlds to envision where our heroes might explore, seek knowledge, and party. We pay tribute to real life humans who embody the qualities of Rainbow Adventurers, and we imagine new champions based on the principles we established. Come adventure!

The Boardroom • 460 SW Madison Ave, Suite 19 • 4-8pm

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Travel through the forest and beneath the water’s surface in Freshwaters Illustrated’s new film MARCH OF THE NEWTS! This short film offers a unique look into the wild lives of newts and brings to attention an emerging pathogen that threatens their existence. The show will also exhibit an image gallery that celebrates the life found in freshwater! A true spectacle of biodiversity, freshwater hosts a teeming collage of colors, shapes and behaviors. Their flowing waters are essential to life. Yet, as a society dependent upon this vital resource, how often do we look beneath the water’s surface?  Explore this hidden diversity below with an image gallery from Freshwaters Illustrated!

CEI/Artworks Gallery • 408 SW Monroe Street • 4-8pm

Amy Turner CEI ArtWorks Gallery invite - Bruce Burris.jpg

I See Faces , Drawings by Amy Turner

"I See Faces" drawings by Amy Turner @ CEI ArtWorks Gallery 408 Monroe St. Corvallis OR & Corvallis Arts Center, Corinne Woodman Gallery 700 SW Madison Ave. Corvallis OR Exhibit(s) run Feb 5th- March 19th Opening reception(s) 2/21 4-8 pm (CAW),

Cyrano’s Bookbinders & Art Supplies • 361 SW 2nd St • 4-8PM

Spring’s Popping Up All Over

Springs new life of flora and fauna, illustrations by Susan Stogsdill.

Fred Amos Art Studio • 340 SW 2nd Street, Studio 12 • 4-8PM

Crab Season - Fred Amos.jpg

Warm Winter Nights

Relax and enjoy the winter evening on the Art Walk. Stop in and check out some of my landscapes.

The Hold Studio • 425 SW Madison Ave, Suite E-2 • 4-8PM


The Naked Show

If you belong to the school of thought that "It's not art unless it's framed", this is not your show. If, however, you're curious to see modern, non-traditional display methods for 2-D art, come on in! Sharon Rackham King and Holly Campbell show new Aqua Media works alongside familiar favorites. Please forgive our art for not being "dressed" in frames!

Jeff Hess Studio • 460 SW Madison Ave, Sweet 16 • 5pm - 8pm

Live Art Mash Up

What happens when flowing meets rectilinear? Relaxed vs. anal? Find out when I team up with Chris Adams of Corvidopolis for a live art evening. Obviously Chris is the anal one.

OSU Fairbanks Gallery of Art • 220 SW 26th Street • 4pm - 8pm

Ariel_BaronRobbins_Fairbanks - Andrew Nigon.jpg

Body Marks

Ariel Baron-Robbins, Michael Namkung, Ellen Mueller. Body Marks explores the various ways the body itself is used as a catalyst for artistic production. This exhibition includes works that use the body as a mark-making medium through physical performance and notions of the body in relation to the meaning of home, consumption and safety. All three artists survey the physical manifestation of drawing through non-traditional methods and explore drawing in the digital realm.

OSU Woodshop Projects • 220 SW 26th Street, Fairbanks Hall Basement • 4pm - 8pm

Terra Matter

Over the course of the 2017-2018 academic year, students in the purpose-built Advanced Photographic Publication course at Oregon State University worked with Oregon State University's vast Natural History Collections to photograph, design, and fabricate a mock-up of a book intended for publication. This collaboration was a successful example of how the arts and sciences can come together as equal partners to create something that is truly valuable both sides.

Pegasus Gallery • 341 SW 2nd Street • 4pm - 8pm

mcreynolds_josh_pegasus - Paige Shumway.jpg

Clean Slate: Part II

Artists start, people start, communities start anew every day, every project, each time they make an effort to imagine what might be. This month's exhibit will explore that journey to begin right where we are, again. Making a new surface to start our next creative expressions; making a new effort to present ourselves as artists, as people, as citizens. This month the gallery will exhibit a number of works coming from artists taking their own clean slates and beginning to imagine something...

Plant Posse // Brittney West Studio • 340 SW 2nd Street, Ste #3 • 4pm - 8pm

Plant_Posse_PlantPosse - Brittney West.jpg

Plant Love

Plant-inspired PLANT POSSE jewelry & art! Original painting, prints and needle-points focusing on the plant kingdom. Earrings & necklaces hand-sculpted & painted in the likes of avocados, broccoli, bananas, watermelon, fungi & much more!

PopsArtStudio • 425 SW Madison Ave, Suite H-1 • 4pm - 8pm

Matthew Nelson St George - Matthew Nelson.jpg

Changing Expressions

PopsArtStudio is pleased to announce a new show of acrylics and drawings that are a return to the "long ago and far away" expressionism roots of Matthew Nelson.

Rhizosphere Studios • 230 SW 3rd Street, Suite 201 • 4pm - 8pm

Madison_Shirley_Caleb_Blatz_Azita_Roshani_Rhisosphere - Madison Shirley.jpg

Salutations, ya’ll!

What, what?! New kids on the block? As you’re exploring the CAW make sure to stop by Rhizosphere Studios for an open house to meet the new resident artists— a motley crew of artistic friends—and help fill the studios with vibrant, positive energy with a dash of sass for fun. Our new artists include: Madison Shirley (focusing on mix medium installations and graphic design), Caleb Blatz (focusing on graphic design, illustration and photography), & Azita Roshani (focusing on wildlife & nature inspired illustrations). Stop by, say hi, have a snack, and get a chance to speak one on one with the artists as they work on future exhibits.

Studio 2 o 4 • 230 SW 3rd Street, Suite 204 • 4pm - 8pm


Jessica Billey: Portraits and Antlers

Jessica Billey's portrait series of People Who Live Alone explores the unique experience of solo dwelling through field sketch portraiture and informal conversations. New drawings of local Corvallis residents along with participants from central Indiana will be on display with segments of various conversations. People who live alone are invited to participate in this project. Please speak with Jessica if you are interested in having your portrait included in this series or if you are simply interested in sharing a conversation about your experience of living alone.

The Antler Family, Jessica's 17 year long series of tiny, imagined, oil painting portraits, will also be on display. Currently there are a total of 430 Antlers on 3 different continents in over a dozen countries. The most recent additions to the Antler Family along with select Antlers from recent years are available for purchase.

Suite Nine • 460 SW Madison Ave, Suite 9 • 4pm - 8pm

zBob Loewen Molokai - Jennifer Moreland.jpg

Molokai: Small Island, Large Beauty

About the artist: Bob Loewen is a native Oregonian, which has its' advantages as far as being a photographer is concerned. Being exposed to a variety of landscapes from ocean to mountains to desert, all just a short distance from each other, has been a true inspiration for him.

The artist began photography using film and the darkroom; digital imaging and the computer are his new tools of choice. Shooting Nikon, and now Sony, he has one camera dedicated to shooting images as built, and one camera that has been converted for creating black and white infrared images. Digital imaging provides limitless possibilities in creating an image, from pushing an image to the edge of the imagination, or simply saving an image as shot . . . untouched.

Truckenbrod Gallery • 517 SW 2nd Street • 4pm - 8pm

Joan_Truckenbrod_TruckenbrodGallery - Joan Truckenbrod.jpg

Joan Truckenbrod: The Flow of Woven Light

Peering into an ephemeral and transitory realm of phenomena in nature that are invisible yet physically palpable sensations precipitated abstracted coded algorithmic drawings in 1975, and hand-woven tapestries using a digital thread controller in the present.  Light waves reflect through ripples of water, while particles of light propel off of the surface of ocean waves.  Wind currents press against the body or inject a choreography into leaves.  This exhibition creates a dialogue between my early and current artwork. The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York recently acquired a series of these coded algorithmic drawings from 1975 for their Digital Art Collection.  There, they are currently featured in an exhibition titled “Programmed: Rules, Codes and Choreography in Art from 1965 to 2018”, on exhibit until April 14, 2019. A special event at Truckenbrod Gallery this February 15th is "Re: Soundings", Catherine Lee, Oboe, John Savage, Flute, and Dana Reason, Keyboard.

Voices Gallery *Under the Eagle Mural* • 301 SW 4th Street, Suite 160 • 4pm - 8pm

Marnie Zoa: Owls

Hoo doesn't love owls? In the South Gallery, explore a unique tribute to the diversity that exists within the Owl population via imaginative acrylic paintings by featured artist Marnie Zoa. Eight other Voices members show ceramics, watercolors, acrylics, paintings on reclaimed wood, and multi-media works in the North Gallery.