Thursday, October 17th, 2019

Celebrate with CAW as we turn 5! Rumor has it that cake will be involved at select venues. Bring home shining vistas and lots of color from Fresh Flowers and Landscapes at Fred Amos Art Studio. Fred has been painting our beautiful landscapes all summer! Brittney of Plant Posse recently returned from an artist residency at Vermont Studio Center. Her showing features oil paintings and drawings inspired by plants, produce, and fungi. Plus stickers! Studio Beatrice welcomes the vibrant, nature themed paintings of local favorite Jennifer Lommers. Her showing, Healing Through Travel, explores her creative process through small paintings, monoprints, collage, and poetry. Art in the Valley is featuring Asian Influence: Artwork by Lee Kitzman. Sumi brushwork paintings, Raku wall hangings, and porcelain pottery will nourish your soul, as it does for Lee. Capture the much-needed message that speaks to you at Rani Primmer’s Wondrous World of Wisdom-ical Whimsy. Art that tells a story will be floating about at Jagged Touch Studio.
Walk the CAW—Step into our studios!

Art in the Valley Gallery• 209 SW 2nd St. •  4-8pm

Artist: Lee Kitzman

Artist: Lee Kitzman

Asian Influence: artwork by Lee Kitzman

“Art in its many forms has been a part of my life that nourishes my soul. I have over the years chosen clay as my primary focus and along the way have incorporated Sumi Brushwork as a decorative technique. Practice in Sumi brushwork has morphed into extensive work, now an important avenue of further exploration. I am presenting work in Raku, (wall pieces) Porcelain, and Sumi brushwork paintings, and it represents present day work which is ongoing in all three mediums.” - Lee Kitzman

The Arts Center • 700 SW Madison Ave •  5:30pm - 8pm

The Emily Steele Collection

TAC hosts an artist reception for THE EMILY STEELE COLLECTION. The exhibit consists of seven works by Emily Steele. TAC received the full collection from the Steele Family with the mandate to share it with the community. The work is unique in its use of shaped sculptural glass, made in a technique Mrs. Steele developed herself. Glass was slumped in wave planes, and sheets attached together in a Tiffany reminiscent manner. The lead strips are an essential part of the compositions. The scale and style of the work is not steeped in Tiffany, but in monochromatic -- robust and truly contemporary. One of the works, "Space Time Movement", is kinetic: two transparent organic shapes move individually from each other with the slightest touch. Others have inspiration in nature, but are entirely abstracted.

CEI/Artworks Gallery • 408 SW Monroe Street • 4-8pm

Artist: Anne Magratten

Artist: Anne Magratten

Coalesce: New Work by Anne Magratten

Do you remember the first time you peered through a kaleidoscope? I was very small when I first pressed my eye to the dark tube and watched the world break into colorful light. Inside the kaleidoscope was a tiny reality that revealed a grander, more fantastic world. My newest landscape paintings draw on second wave hippy aesthetics, the west coast climate, and summer's abundant vegetation. The figuration of these landscapes is disrupted by abstraction, and far-out playfulness. I invite you to come get lost in the colours of my newest installation by viewing the show through a series of handmade kaleidoscopes.

Cyrano’s Bookbinding & Art Supplies • 361 SW 2nd Street • 4-7pm

Spooktacular Works

Illustrations and 3-D creations by Cyranos to celebrate Fall and October/All Hallows Eve: The sites, the sounds, the Spooktacular feel of Harvest time!

Fairbanks Gallery of Art • 220 SW 26th Street • 4-8pm

Artist: Lucy Copper

Artist: Lucy Copper

Seeing is Disbelieving

Sculptural installations by Granite Calimpong and Lucy Copper.

Fred Amos Art Studio • 340 SW 2nd Street, #12 • 4pm - 8pm

October Fresh Flowers and Landscapes

Fred has been painting landscapes all summer. Come in and see the results: lots of color and shining vistas.

The Hold Studio • 425 SW Madison Ave, Suite E2 • 4pm - 8pm

Artist: Sharon Rackham King

Artist: Sharon Rackham King

Anniversary Sale!!

Holly & Sharon celebrate The Hold’s 2nd Anniversary, and CAW’s 5th - It’s a party with huge savings! Also… There will be cake!

Come on down to the Starbucks Bldg, Madison Plaza!

Fly_the View is BreathTaking WM72 - Rani Primmer.jpg

Jagged Touch Studio • 340 SW 2nd Street, #11 • 4pm - 8pm

Wondrous World of Wisdom-ical Whimsy

Wisdom-ical messages are floating all about my studio, spilling from thought-provoking colorful whimsical story-telling art. Is one of them waiting just for you? Stop by and see if the bit of much needed wisdom you've been looking for, whether you knew it or not, is lurking about, ready to find its way into your heart and soul.

Joan Truckenbrod Gallery • 517 SW 2nd Street • 4pm - 8pm

Artist: Robin Silver

Artist: Robin Silver

Negatives Pace

Darkroom experiments combining 35 mm film exposures with photograms, using a variety of domestic objects including water, seeds, loupes, string, salt, pushpins, and coins.

Nancy Rohn Violins • 301 SW 4th Street, Suite 140 • 4pm - 8pm

The Art of Collage

Robin has always been drawn to the art of collage -- the way bits and pieces are re-arranged and reassembled to create an entirely new work. Why instruments? It seemed an appealing and totally appropriate canvas to place striking shapes and colors on. Instruments already bring so much joy and beauty into the world and my collages intensify their appeal.

Artist: Mazdak Shadkam

Artist: Mazdak Shadkam

OSU Woodshop Projects • 220 SW 26th St @Fairbanks Hall 004 • 4-8pm

Beyond Jargon

Beyond Jargon is an integrated performance by Mazdak Shadkam to redefine self through the limitations of time, space and material. As part of his interdisciplinary research on Art and STEMM integration, he is going to turn the Woodshop Projects space into a laboratory to test how creative practice can permeate into the fabric of scientific research.

Pegasus Gallery • 341 SW 2nd Street • 4-8pm

A Willing Surface

Every artist in their own way and in their own medium are grateful for getting a willing surface to explore on, and share what the universe has asked them to share, or what their creativity has called forth from them. These artists are sharing some of their surfaces with us.

Plant Posse // Brittney Wests’ Studio • 340 SW 2nd Street #3 • 4pm - 7pm

Jewelry by Plant Posse & Brittney West

Jewelry by Plant Posse & Brittney West

New Residency Paintings!

Come view Brittney West’s new artwork created at a recent month-long artist residency at Vermont Studio Center! Oftentimes conceptual, these oil paintings and drawings share inspiration from plants, produce and fungi. Additionally, Plant Posse is featuring new jewelry, stickers and Eco-prints! All are welcome.

PopsArtStudio • 230 SW 3rd Street, #207 • 4pm - 8pm

Artist: Matthew Nelson

Artist: Matthew Nelson

We Are All Beloveds

PopsArtStudio will be showing new additions to the ongoing Beloveds project, a long term series presenting individuals who feel set apart and/or judged by society because of who they are, what has happened to them, what they believe or economic status. No one is broken, damaged no less than. We are all Beloveds.

Resilience Project • 341 SW 2nd St @ Old World Deli • 4pm - 7pm

download - dvd kkc.jpeg

Digital Storytelling

The Resilience Project helps people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities turn their unique stories into short digital videos that can be shared with local and global communities. We are saving the world, one story at a time.

Studio Beatrice • 230 SW 6th Street • 4pm - 7pm

Artist: Jennifer Lommers

Artist: Jennifer Lommers

Healing Through Travel

Healing through Travel is a new series of small paintings, monoprints, collages and poems from local artist, Jennifer Lommers. It explores the connection between traveling, creating, and healing. Jennifer's larger, vibrant nature-themed paintings will also be on display.

Suite Nine • 230 SW 6th Street • 4pm - 7pm

Artist: Sally Sheldon & Indigo Degaia

Artist: Sally Sheldon & Indigo Degaia

Soul’s Expression

Sally Sheldon and Indigo Degaia unite their talents of photography and digital artistry and capture the unseen and put it into something they can see and feel. SOUL’S EXPRESSION represents simplicity, beauty, strength, empowerment and joy. This artistic process starts with Sally Sheldon, the owner of Studio Lux Images, by capturing the essence of the subject in a photograph. Then, Indigo Degaia, tapping into the energy of the subject’s photo, listens to what wants to come forth. Indigo uses her intuition to guide her to specific colors and images surrounding that person. Each composition is unique to the individual. To top it off, simple mantras and encouraging statements are infused into the finished art. This unique unseen look into the soul’s expression is sure to move you internally. You won’t be disappointed; in fact, you may want one of yourself…….

Voices Gallery • 301 SW 4th Street, Suite 160 • 4pm - 8pm

Artist: Dawn Lamar Figueroa

Artist: Dawn Lamar Figueroa

Dawn Lamar Figueroa: Drawing Upon Nature

Eclectic art from 10 local women artists, this month featuring Dawn Lamar Figueroa: “While my art is very detailed, my goal is to interweave realism to express humankind’s interconnection with the nonhuman world -- nature. The themes of my work draw upon the inseparability of social and environmental issues. I began this work while earning my BA in Visual Communications & Philosophy at Kean University in NJ. While developing my style of illustration, I let go of attachments to completing work, in order to make the act of drawing a form of meditation. Earlier in my career (1989-2003), I was devoted to pen and ink illustration, pushing the limit with intense detail; a single drawing could take months. After a 15-year hiatus of curating, managing, and installing museum collections, I turned to colored pencils for my medium. My inspiration comes from numerous sources, especially my two talented teen artists, my dogs, and my partner, an environmental philosopher. I also curate OSU’s collection of historic and cultural textiles, and I manage the ArtShop at The Arts Center.”